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By Alexander Prewitt

Alexander is a Tucson native. He is a University of Arizona Alumnus and a devoted Wildcat fan. His experience in Real Estate over the last 11 years covers all aspects of residential Real Estate including listing agent, buyer's agent, and also working with distressed properties such as short sales and foreclosures.

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Negotiation isn’t confined to haggling over prices; it extends to a strategic game of tactics and maneuvers. Today, let’s go over the real money grab in real estate transactions—the often overlooked inspection period.

While many celebrate securing a good price or a discount on a property, seasoned agents understand that the true battlefield lies in the inspection period. Let me share a recent success story that demonstrates the power of a well-executed negotiation during this critical phase.

My clients, closing on their property in 2024, had already secured a multitude of benefits, including having their closing costs covered and receiving a seller credit to lower their interest rate to an impressive 4%. However, the real triumph came during the inspection period.

“The inspection period is a hidden gem, and it’s during this phase that superior agents truly shine.”

As their trusted agent, my clients empowered me to take charge and present our inspection report to the seller. We expressed our love for the house but made it clear that certain repairs were non-negotiable. This is where the art of negotiation truly comes into play.

Anticipating the seller’s resistance, we were prepared to play hardball. When the initial response fell short of our expectations, I took the initiative to call the seller’s agent. I made it clear that a revision was necessary for the deal to proceed smoothly, subtly hinting at alternative options for my clients if the request wasn’t met promptly.

Being assertive and strategic paid off handsomely. In the end, not only did we secure all the requested repairs during the inspection period, but we also received an additional $3,000 credit for our clients to use at their discretion.

This success underscores a crucial lesson for both home buyers and sellers—negotiation isn’t a one-time event determined by the purchase price. The inspection period is a hidden gem, and it’s during this phase that superior agents truly shine.

If you’re in the market, don’t settle for an agent who merely opens doors and writes contracts. Seek a professional who excels in negotiation, someone trained, aggressive, and committed to securing the best deal for you. In the world of real estate, having the right agent on your side can make all the difference. So, if you’re ready to win big in real estate negotiation, reach out—I’m the pro you want in your corner.

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